Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weird Food Friday Chesa-EggFruit

Well guys, I haven't written anything all week. So, why start now, right?!? 

Haha. We've been busy with work and kid and house activities. 

My job blows, as usual, Daniel's had steady work and some ...side jobs... I guess. Not to mention he works on his electrical license every night and I try to read my Ina Mae books, but unfortunately I think my freaking masters classes start again this week...I should probably go check in that....

We've been trying to take the kids to night swim before it ends for the summer,I've been trying to work on the garden a little. I power washed the patio, and Sophia starts school next week, so we have 100 doctor appointments and crap to buy.

Anyway, one interesting thing I wanted to share from this week was the first egg fruit I've ever actually eaten. 

The ladies had a box of orange things at work and I asked what it was. 

"We call it chesa"
"Lol-what should I call it then?"
"I don't know what the haole word is"

So after much googling we decided it was this and Nana Minda agreed that she had once heard a haole refer to it as "egg fruit". Which I had actually heard of before, but never seen it eaten. 

Later when I was telling Edgar is is from much farther south than the ladies he said in his region of the Phillipines they call it Tiesa.

Anyway...it's really good! It tastes a little like a mild creamy cheese or a cooked sweet potato. The consistency is a little crumbly, kind of like a hard boiled egg yolk. They're super high in vitamin A, so really good for the baby.

Then I looked it up in one of my old plant science textbooks, so here's the need info:

Kingdom: Plantae (Angiosperm, Eudicot)
Phyllum: Asterid
Order: Ericales
Family: Sapotaceae

They grow on a tree that looks similar to mango and have a huge pretty shiny seed inside. I saved mine and I'm going to try to plant it! So, we'll see how that goes.