Friday, September 16, 2016

Baby Number 3: 40 Weeks+3 days

Well, today was the last chance for this guy to be born on Molokai. I know that's my choice, which I think only makes the mom guilt worse.

We fly to Oahu tomorrow morning at 7:15 then I have the morning to shop and eat and my induction is scheduled at Castle at 1pm.

I've been having some contractions, but nothing that I can keep going. so looks like we'll be flying out.

In related news, Thank God I'm being induced! It made me do things I should have done long ago, like put together the car seat, pack a reasonable hospital bag, fold this giant pile of laundry...

P.S. how awful is our bedroom?!?!? So many projects i want to tackle over my mat leave!

The weather has finally cleared up and we had a gorgeous sunset this evening! Pink sky at night- that's a good sign. 

And my awesome friends Bri and Annie sent new baby a Sleep Sheep :)

My last full day of being preggo-ever...All the tears.

And my last day of being a mom of two. I really think the worst part of having to go to Oahu is that these two miss out on everything. Oh well, what can you do? Ummm...wait it out and not go be induced, save yourself headache and a ton of $$$. But as the days go by I always worry that the baby might inhale some meconium, or something. 
And that is Sophia whispering into my piko to tell the baby that she loves him and can't wait to carry him. LOL. That's how they communicate- through my belly button.

Well, that's all for now. I better go get some if I possibly could with the heartburn and general effing ITCHINESS!!!! I want to scratch all of my skin off!!!!! hopefully that's hormonal and goes away by tomorrow!