Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy 32nd Birthday Daniel Coombs!

Its Daniel's 32nd Birthday!!! 

In honor of that, I wanted to do an interview with 32 questions. Hahahaha. But he hated that idea. Anyway, it was a weekday, so he had to work. I took the kids and ran errands, and baked and cleaned all day. I made his birthday dinner of A1 Brisket (not as good as Angie would have made it, but I tried...) and twice baked potatoes. He requested a pumpkin crunch as his cake. so we made that too. Sophia insisted on buying those sugar letters from the store for decorations. We hung out at Korpi's, then came home for dinner, sang Happy Birthday, and had cake and presents! Then we were all exhausted, so now its time for bed!