Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Home Tour- Christmas 2016

Oh my! Nothing like the last minute! Everything has been soooo busy around here that I just finished our 'exterior illumination' yesterday! Santa's elves are hard at work and it wouldn't be a true LeRoy Christmas if something didn't smell like barely dry varnish on the morning of December 25th. Hahahaha!

Ok, ready for the longest blog post ever? Lets begin this home tour at our glorious entryway...which is actually in the back of our house, so no one actually enters there, but its where the original owner decided to put the front door sooo....

Our front door is flanked by some Rawlins Poinsettas that I plan to transplant to the yard after the holidays are over. And a wreath that Sophia and Auntie Desi made at school.

 Now, if you look 6 inches to the left, there are several pairs of shoes and boots- 90% belonging to Michael, the cat toy basket, and an empty chicken feed bag. Thanks to the rest of the family for helping me keep the house clean for this home tour...Ha!

Around the corner on the lanai, I bought some $2 pillow covers from e-bay, and they look GREAT!

Around the lanai we have some big hanging ornaments and a preview of our outdoor lights. 

Then back inside we have the table, complete with poinsettia table cloth, burlap runner, and tray of 'fancy' ornaments- aka: 6 nice mercury glass balls from Pottery Barn and all the ornaments I got from Take's last year that the kids broke the hangers off of. But either way, it turned out super pretty. 

Now in the kitchen you find 2 little monsters making sugar cookies for Santa. AKA: eating all the dough and making a huge mess. 

Our beautiful new open shelving that Daniel and I made, and a bowl overflowing with fruit from our yard. 

The other side of the kitchen where I never updated our Thanksgiving chalkboard and our shelves still need some serious work. 

Cookies, cookies, cookies!

Our weekly menu and Daniel's new french press that we got him for his birthday and a jar of Guava Cabernet jelly that we can't wait to try!

Now, let's spin in circles around the living room, Starting with the Nativity. It's in it's proper order- which only last about 15 seconds since Michael and Sophia are constantly rearranging everything. 

I watered our tree, it's been about 100% humidity all month in Kalae and all the needles still fell off. Maybe because it's a Douglas Fir instead of the Noble that we usually get??? Or maybe it was just old when they got them in this year.

Living Room from all sides. Note the WHITE ceiling! Soooooo much better than last year!!!

 Michael's stocking is totally not done. I pinned it to the wall with my needle and thread. LOL. I'll really try to finish it by tonight, I guess... Sew, Jill, sew!!! And Ethan's stocking I haven't even begun yet, I guess that will be next year's project, or knowing me, I'll have it done by the time he's 3 or 4 years old. I told Michael I would try to finish his and he said no, his was already hanging up, he wanted the cat one. LOL. Tommy was our cat of 6 years ago, I never got around to updating it to Isabel (our current cat) and there's no way the dumb dongs are getting a stocking...maybe I should make the chickens a stocking full of scratch though...

 It's so bright now! We still need some wire molding put up to cover that fan wiring. 

I made all our stockings from the Bucilla kits. It only took me a billion years. 

And the kids room is decorated. They love it, but I think I love it more. Haha! Its full of Christmas cheer this year!

The Advent Coutdown  and quilts from Grandma Mary. 

I traded out all the other framed stuff for Holiday scrapbook paper and I put our Christmas card from this year in one of the frames. 

 I painted this thing when I was in middle/ high school. 

I seriously love these blocks so much!

The bathroom also got a little dose of Christmas Cheer. Of course I also put out holiday themed soap. Because its the stupid frivolous things like Holiday themed soap that make me feel like a real adult. Although I read a good quote the other day something about how kids don't have shop class anymore so the grow up with ambition to BUY something amazing, not to BUILD something amazing. which leads me to THIS forbes article. But I digress. And I still have 3 years until I become Sophia's 4-H leader and bring back Home Ec. LOL. 

AND the last room is the playroom, because our bedroom is full of unfolded laundry (as usual) and the guest bedroom looks like a hoarders den. No joke- it does. So those rooms will not be included in the home tour. 

The kids are free to decorate this little tree all on their own. I was full of a buch of baseballs the other day, 

And now for some nighttime lights. The tree at sunset :)

And our outside lights!!! I love them, but they could use a little work.