Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Light Parade 2016

How is it that when I have work and school and a million other things to do I still manage to blog regularly, but when I have absolutely nothing on my agenda, I can't manage to blog at all. 
Well, I'll tell you how, actually, its the laptop. The best feeling in the entire world is being free from it. Not opening my laptop for days....Pure Bliss. Sure I still have a smart phone, so it's not like I escape the outside world all together, but somehow the laptop is just the modern ball and chain. 

Anyway... two weekends ago was Molokai's annual light parade. 

The evening started with a gorgeous sunset over Mauna Loa

Baby Ethan in his Santa hat


Friendly Market


The youth center did a Moana theme

BK Distributing

Santa baby

beautiful crescent moon

Hula Halau


Daniel waving to mycogen



UNCLE BLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as with every year, someone's float breaks down. This year it was this poor guy's El Camino.

The big man himself

Kalea was in the Christmas spirit!

Shaka Kalikimaka