Friday, December 16, 2016

Painting the Steps...Again

I've been trying to really work on our house remodel lately. I have about a billion projects that I want to complete. Remember back last spring when I painted the steps blue...

You can see those posts by clicking here and here.

Well, it didn't last too long. The blue was insanely hard to keep clean with the red dirt, especially where I caulked all the cracks. Here was the present state of affairs a couple of  weeks ago. I decided to use the gel stain and make it match the lanai floor.

while painting I found this little gem...I'm sure Sophia was responsible...

love the light color, hate the wear and tear.
I'm not sure that it necessarily looks better, but it definitely looks more clean and more like the interior of a house, less like a porch. I also think that it gives us a better idea of what it will look like if we eventually do real flooring in here, which we probably will.