Sunday, February 12, 2017

DIY Valentine's Day Garland

I've veen seeing these felt garlands ALL OVER Pinterest, and I decided today was the perfect day to make one! (or two- or if Ethan was less crabby, three or four or eighty! I love them!)

Start with some felt, cut some strips the width you want your hearts to be.

 I folded my strips in half then free handed some hearts.

Then you just sew them together- easy peasy. 

TA-DA Easy DIY Valentine's Day Garland!

Then I made another one with smaller hearts and circles in between each one. 

I can not take credit for this idea in anyway, I just copied the 100's of tutorials I saw on Pinterest and made it my own with colors and such. My favorite inspiration came from this blog however, Isn't it gorgeous!?!?