Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Oahu Geneticist Appointment

So, this we actually last month, but we went to Oahu to see a genetic specialist to see if they could tell us anything about Ethan's breathing. It was useless. I'm actually a little upset about it because they literally did nothing and a 5 second lit search can tell you at least 4 genes associated with respitory regulation that they could have ran some markers around, but what do I know...I only have 1.9 degrees and over a decade of experience in genetics.. #whateves

Anyway, in spite of the ridiculous waste of time that was our doctor appointment. We had a nice one day trip to Honolulu. 

Ethan was none too excited to be at the airport.

This is where we wait for our shuttle to the rental car.

Mr. Important. Always on the phone.

Molokai sweet molokai. That's my corn fields! Well very few are mine lately, but...

The west end sure is beautiful from the air!

Mr. Handsome

The view from Ethan's Dr. office window. HOLY CRAP! What do you think the rent is for this place?!?!? I don't even want to know how much this is costing me or HMSA!

We always get excited when we see the places from commercials. Lol

My dream kitchen at Home Depot and my dream baby at Home Depot :)


Leaving Oahu! It was a scary plane ride! It's one of the few times I've ever flown Mokulele after dark and it was no fun for someone who doesn't particularly love flying. It was a little rainy...and there was lightening.

The lights reflecting off the clouds were SUPER creepy. You always hear about after dark its easy to get confused of what's up and what's down. This was the first time I could ever relate to this. The sideways raindrops in the grey dusk looked just like the glitter of the whitecaps on the water.

Obviously everything went fine, but I always get freaked out on flights like that. But on the flip side, it always makes you extra grateful to get home :)