Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Happy 9 months Ethan Kekoa!

Little Ethan made nine months on the 17th! (Mom's a little behind on the baby updates.)

Little boogs has 2 bottom teeth. Is rocking forward and scooting all over the place, but not crawling. He has everyone trained to pick him up though, so he may never crawl! Haha!

He loves to play with his baby toys and various other objects like hairbrushes...LOL...
Michael still loves him- note the head pat. Haha.

He's a great eater, loves solid foods and his sippy cup. He loves to play patty cake, wave, and give high fives. He loves his brother and sister, but has developed a screech to warn them when they're in his space bubble. LOL. 

Doctor's appointments went great this month! And he's basically back to being a happy healthy little boy!