Friday, June 16, 2017

Our beautiful backyard


This new blogging app is seriously the worst! Again, I now have a bunch of outdated posts that it never published because it timed out. Le sigh.

Anyway, in happy news, I sold my damn VICAL stock today that I've had forever and lost a lot of money on. Ok, maybe that's not happy news, but it's a milestone none the less.

And I'm happy news that's actually happy, our backyard has a bunch of super cool plants! Michael and I dug up some potatoes today! (And some nasty invasive slugs which we squished-yuck!) 

Our heirloom tomatoes are taking FOREVER to ripen! I hope they're worth it! 

I picked my first tomatillo today! a) I'm not sure when you're supposed to pick them b) I'm not sure how to run them into delicious salsa verde... but I will learn both.🤓

We have a yellow marigold blooming-that's cool.

Our avocados and Kona Sugarlaof pineapples are growing well. My herb pots are pretty, and our first ever volunteer papaya continues to be our very best producer.